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Cookie Statement CoinSniper

Last update: January 2022

What are cookies?

Cookies are little (text) files which are stored on your computer. Your web browser stores these cookies when you visit our Website: These cookies will be retrieved when you visit our Website again. This allows us to recognise you as a previous visitor.

Why do we use cookies?

By using cookies, we can see how our Website is used and how we can optimise our Website and services. Cookies are also helpful to make the Website quick and safe. In addition, cookies by us or by third parties can be used to show you relevant advertisement based on your interests. See the table below for the specific purposes of each cookie we use.

Which cookies do we use?


We have a legitimate interest to use the personal data collected via these cookies, namely to make our Website work properly.

CoinSniper cf_chl_prog
These cookies are used for the execution of Javascript or Captcha challenges. Session
__cf_bm This cookie is used for our bot solutions to function properly. Thse solutions allow us to distinguish between humans and bots visiting our Website Session
cf_clearance This cookie stores the proof of challenge passed. It is used to no longer issue a captcha or jschallenge challenge if present. It is required to reach origin server. One (1) year
scamsniper-disclaimer This cookie is used to show you a disclaimer with warnings once every three (3) days you visit our website. Three (3) days This cookies is used to make Wonderpush work. Wonderpush is a service that allow us to send push notifications to your browser after an opt-in subscription. One (1) year This cookies is used to make CAPTCHA work. CAPTCHA is a service to counter bots. One (1) year
XSRF-TOKEN This cookie is used to detect bots and malicious traffic. One (1) day
coinsniper_session Cookie PHP platform to identify users. Used to be able to log in and preserve states from page to page. One (1) day


We have a legitimate interest to use the personal data collected via these cookies, namely to analyse the use of the Website in a privacy-friendly way. In this context, we:

  1. have concluded a data processing agreement with Google;
  2. mask the last octet of your IP address;
  3. don’t allow Google to use your data for its own purposes;
  4. do not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.
CoinSniper _ga Register an unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how you use the Website. Two (2) years

Can I delete the cookies?

Yes, you may delete the cookies yourself in your internet browser.

If you don’t want cookies to be send to your device at all, you may change this via the cookie settings in your internet browser. Please keep in mind that some of the functions and services on the Website might not function (as good) without cookies.

Amendments to this Cookie Statement

This Cookie Statement may be amended from time to time. The most recent version of this Cookie Statement applies. We advise you to read this Cookie Statement regularly to see if there are any changes.


To contact us, please send an email to [email protected].