KYC Verification

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How does KYC Verification work on CoinSniper?

CoinSniper collaborates with numerous trusted partner companies that specialize in providing KYC services. Each provider's process is assessed and assigned a score based on its complexity and thoroughness. If your project already possesses a valid KYC certificate, please Submit it here and we will add it to your project.

How is the KYC score calculated?

The KYC score calculation is based on various factors involved in the KYC verification process. We evaluate the actions taken by a KYC provider during the verification process, as well as their response mechanisms in cases where a project is identified as a scam. By employing this scoring mechanism, we aim to promote transparency and reliability among KYC providers.

Checks during KYC process
  • ID Check
    At least one founder had to submit their ID document.
  • All Founders ID Check
    All founders of the project had to submit their ID document.
  • Additional Documents Check
    Additional documents besides ID were checked, such as utility bills or bank statements.
  • Video Recording
  • Live Video Call
  • Questionaire about the project
    Questions were asked during the live video call in order to verify the persons knowledge about and involvement in the project.
  • Web3 Owner Wallet Check
    An owner check was done in which the party applying for the ID check proves on camera that they are in control of the owners wallet.
Actions in case of fraud
  • Release Documents to Investors
  • Give Authorities Access to KYC Data
  • Actively Contact Organisations
    In case of a scam, the KYC company will approach parties such as exchanges and explorers.
  • Actively Contact local Authorities
    In case of a scam, the KYC company will file a report in the country of the KYC'd party.

Why should I care about KYC certificates?

KYC certificates show that the owner of a crypto project submitted their ID documents to a trusted provider, and that they completed additional identity checks. When a project turns out to be a scam, the KYC provider will aid investors in submitting police reports against the project owner. This adds trust for investors.

But please be careful: KYC certificates don't always guarantee safe investments. Always DYOR when investing.

Gold Tier (Score 75+)

KYC by AssureDefi From $900

KYC providers in the Gold category excel in their verification efforts, conducting a comprehensive range of checks. Moreover, they demonstrate a strong commitment to promptly taking action in cases where a project is identified as a scam. We offer gold tier KYCs from our partner AssureDefi.

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Silver Tier (Score 50-75)

KYC by SolidProof From $350

The Silver category includes providers who go beyond the basics and implement additional checks to ensure thorough verification of the project's owner. We offer silver tier KYCs from our partner SolidProof.

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Bronze Tier (Score 0-50)


Providers in the Bronze category conduct essential and basic checks during the KYC verification process.

Grey Tier (Score unkown)


For providers in this category, we lack sufficient information about their KYC process, which prevents us from calculating a score.